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Time-In Toolkit

The Time-In ToolKit will give you everything you need

to create a calming space for children 

ages 3-9+ for use in homes, classrooms,

daycare centers, therapy settings and more.


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"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.” 

- J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Time-In Toolkit

The Time-In ToolKit fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 48 hours! While supplies last, you can pre-order one for $10 OFF and receive it along with Kickstarter Backers in December, 2017. 


The Time-In ToolKit will give you everything you need to create a calming space for children ages 3-9+for use in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, therapy settings and more.


Children can learn self awareness, social awareness, self care and social skills in much the same way they learn to read and write, through modeling. We, as adults, deserve not only effective tools, but a supportive community to grow into these tools and to do our own healing and growing, free from shame and judgement. 


We need to teach children social and emotional skills in much

the same way we teach them their ABC's and their 123's.


Taking a time-in is not a punishment, it's a way to help children learn to process their emotions and calm down, so they are ready to problem-solve, learn and grow.

The Time-In ToolKit comes with two manuals to walk you through the process of 1) creating a calming space and 

2) introducing this space, along with the concept of "time-in's" (instead of time-out's and punishment) to children. 


Children learn more from watching the things we do than listening to the things we say. The Time-In ToolKit helps us lead and guide children by example, nurturing their emotional intelligence.



When a five year old child misspells her name, do we sit her in a chair and tell her to sit there for 3 minutes to think about what she did?! No, that would be silly, and actually counter productive.


Instead, we break the task down, model the skills we are looking for in an engaging way, and reinforce each new budding ability we see emerging from this child. We make it safe for her to practice these skills and to make mistakes until eventually, she gets it.

Taking a similar approach to teaching children how to manage their bodies, minds, and feelings works equally as well. We can meet children where they are, socially and emotionally, teaching them with loving, clear and consistent boundaries, free from shame, blame, and pain.


​​As adults, we have the power to teach children how to manage their emotions and behaviors by modeling these strategies ourselves, however, remaining regulated in the presence of a child who is not can be challenging. Finding and maintaining our center as parents and educators working with children takes tools, support and practice.



When we practice responding instead of reacting to kids when they are upset or overwhelmed, we help them grow their social and emotional skills. Research points to modeling as the most powerful teaching practice of all. 


A "time-out" (also known as social exclusion) is a form of behavioral modification where adults temporarily separate a child from an environment where unacceptable behavior occurred. 


Though punishment based discipline like time-outs may lead to short-term compliance, they do not enhance moral behavior or teach children useful conflict-resolution skills*. While often well intended, punitive childrearing practices fail to address the underlying cause of a child's "mis"-behavior and are usually ineffective in accomplishing the goals of discipline: to change behavior and build skills.**


Spanking, yelling, shaming and isolating children can be harmful, lowering their developing sense of self, and trust for the world around them. 


All children deserve to feel powerful, safe and connected. We have the science but we lack the skills. This is where the Time-In ToolKit and Generation Mindful's supportive community come in.


*Hoffman, Martin. (1970) “Moral Development.” In Carmichael’s Manual of Child Psychology, 3rd ed., volume 2, edited by Paul H. Mussen. New York: Wiley. **Chapman, Michael and Zahn-Wexler, Carolyn. “Young Children’s Compliance and Noncompliance to Parental Discipline in a Natural Setting.” International Journal of Behavioral Development 5 (982): p. 90.





Set up a cozy, inviting space and establish your personal Calming Corner guidelines. The ToolKit comes with the "Creating a Calming Corner" manual devoted to holding your hand through this process.


Help children learn to recognize when they would benefit from visiting their Calming Corner. Using the playful games, tools and strategies that make up the Time-In ToolKit makes this process fun!


With practice, children can begin to recognize the four different moods we all feel and put words to their feelings. The first step to emotional regulation is awareness. This is the case for big kids too (that's you and me), helping us to respond instead of react. 


By practicing self-awareness, we cultivate patience and self-control, both in ourselves and in our children.


Use your Calming Corner on a regular basis! There will no longer be a need to put children in forced isolation or to tell them to send them away, to their room, etc. When emotions run high, children and adults can take a time-in instead. The "Using Time In's" Manual that comes with every Time-In ToolKit will guide you through this process.


And you don't need to wait until children are upset or acting out to visit your Calming Corner. Connection builds compliance. The behaviors we are looking for from children are easier to learn when they are feeling powerful, safe and connected. The Calming Corner is a safe, inviting "get-to" place kids go to feel better and learn, not a punishment. 


The many posters, games and tools included in the Time-In ToolKit help you practice talking about emotions with kids on a regular basis. 


The two manuals that come with the ToolKit will help you establish Calming Corner guidelines that suit you and your children's needs, inviting you to adapt these tools to best suit your home, classroom, day care center, etc.

Every Time-In Toolkit Includes:


  • PeaceMakers Sticker Chart: 24" x 36": full color on high quality paper 

  • 35 PeaceMakers Resealable Animal Stickers

  • Feelings Poster: 24" x 36": full color on high quality paper

  • PeaceMakers: a mindfulness card game

  • My Calming Strategies Coloring Pages: print and color (PDF)

  • My Calming Strategies Cards: cut and laminate (PDF)

  • Creating A Calming Corner: printable manual (PDF)

  • Using Time-Ins: printable manual (PDF)

  • Printable Signs (PDF): 8.5" x 11" in color and B & W

  • LAUNCH BONUS: 12" x 18" Feelings Poster and 12" x 18 " Animal Poster

  • LAUNCH BONUS: Two 8.5" x 11" Calming Corner Posters and 8.5" x 11"
    How Am I Feeling Poster

One ToolKit is all you need for a child, family, or even an entire classroom of kids.

Interested in learning more about time-in's and how they work? Here's a helpful printable for you with eleven different calming strategies for you to print, color, and share with kids.

Join Here For A FREE Calming Strategies Coloring Printable (3 pages) 


Once you sign up, Generation Mindful will send you a welcome email (with three free gifts) plus these printable calming strategy coloring pages for you to download and print as many times as you like.


Once personalized, you can turn your printable into a calming booklet for each child or cut the strategies into individual cards to laminate - just a taste of what you'll find inside the complete Time-In ToolKit. 


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Do you already own a set of PeaceMakers but you want in on the Time-In Toolkit?


When used along with PeaceMakers, the Partial Time-In ToolKit Bundle will give you everything you need to create a calming space for children ages 3-9+ for use in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, therapy settings and more.

PeaceMakers help children and adults connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in daily, playful ways. Every card in the deck has an affirming message designed to nurture social and emotional skills, self-love, a growth mindset, confidence, and more in as little as five minutes a day. 

Words to inspire you and the children you love. Display these words of inspiration as a daily reminder of the love you are. 

A statement in any room, be it your home, classroom, daycare center, therapy office, or yoga kids studio, our Manifesto is sure to bring a smile. You are love. You are quite literally made out of love. Claim that love and help future generations claim theirs, too!

Printed on archival, acid-free paper and made in America with LOVE.

This course is full of practical and empowering tools you will start using day one. This guided online course includes a live group session with instructor Suzanne Tucker on the last Thursday of each month at 10 AM CST (recorded and shared if you can't be there live) plus membership to our private, online parenting forum for class graduates only. 

MINDFUL MAKERS is a professional development program for preschools and elementary schools wanting to create a more safe and nurturing learning environment for students, even in the face of challenging behavior.

By supporting schools in replacing punishment-based discipline strategies with effective and affirming evidence-based tools, this three part program strengthens the social and emotional skills of the entire school "family".

Wishing you could dress your kids in PeaceMakers? Now you can! Invite your child to help design their very own PeaceMakers t-shirt, picking the animal pal and color shirt they like best!

Children's undies, with a different animal and color for every day of the week, coming soon along with a wider selection of adult T-Shirts.

PeaceMakers, inspiring little (and big) hearts and minds!

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