• Leelou Poppins

What's Up With Peace. Love. Yoga.?

(Note: This is a copy of the Peace. Love. Yoga. sent in October 2020.)

It’s been a year filled with massive changes for Peace. Love. Yoga.! The last winter developing and offering new services for families at Apex Mountain Resort (BC), acting as a secretary in the Apex Community Association, and making plans for bringing the website www.peaceloveyoga.fun to the next level was an absolute blast!

Then March happened. The beginning of the pandemic in Canada marked the end of the ski season for us... and also brought great news: our family is growing! My partner and I are expecting our first child this fall. Spring and summer were spent taking new directions for these great changes coming our way. It’s with a heavy heart that we decided to leave the Apex community, but with great enthusiasm that we have been nesting in a lovely nearby community, Summerland.

This fall and coming winter will be all about adjusting to our new role as parents. I will hopefully resume services to families in my community and surroundings next spring, and who knows when the wind will carry us to Apex again. It’s been a fantastic blessing to work with Apex families and Apex Community Association over the last few years, and I truly hope that we’ll keep touch in the years to come!

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