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* GIVEAWAY: Lifetime access + BONUS Day Jan. 28th *

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

There are no words to tell how following this conference since 2016 inspired and transformed my work with children, my professional and personal well-being, and my relationships. I couldn’t recommend this conference enough to any parent or educator wishing for a more peaceful and cooperative climate at home or at work! Every interview is filled with so much wisdom and evidence-based tips! Listening to only one of them can spark the most magical moments of connection and joyful cooperation – no kidding!

This event is part of a global movement of families and professionals who embrace a conscious and mindful approach to raising “high needs” kids, who may be anxious, spirited, or strong-willed. The Happily Family Conference focuses on how to help kids manage their feelings, get along with others, and do their best. This conference is known for bringing the heart and the science of parenting together. It’s where parents (teachers & therapists) of high needs kids go to get inspired and recharged.

You will see interviews from some of the finest teachers, authors, researchers and thought leaders in the world of parenting and education such as:

Subscribe here:

Every day of the conference, five presentations are made available for FREE

for 24 hour starting at 6 a.m. Pacific Time.

All 25 interviews will be available on replay for FREE on Tuesday, January 28th.

(Keep reading to learn more about the bonus day!)


Would you like to be entered to win lifetime access to this conference?

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Here's how it works:

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* Bonus Day Tuesday, Jan 28th! *

It’s not too late to jump in and listen to any of these 25 speakers!

All 25 presentations about Mindful Parenting will be available for FREE

until midnight PST Tuesday, Jan 28th.

If you’ve already registered for the conference… simply watch your email.

You’ll get a link (sometime this evening) when it starts.


If you haven’t registered yet for the conference click here to get yourself signed up. 


Highlights for Bonus Day

Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson speak about The Power of Showing Up. "One of the very best scientific predictors for how any child turns out—in terms of happiness, academic success, leadership skills, and meaningful relationships—is whether at least one adult in their life has consistently shown up for them."

Dr. Peter Gray is president of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education.

His recent research focuses on the roles of play in human evolution and how children educate themselves, through play and exploration, when they are free to do so.

Kim John Payne speaks about Being At Your Best When Your Kids Are At Their Worst.

Kim says that when kids are angry that they are vulnerable and he shares a practice that we can use to break the cycle of action and reaction with our kids.

The first step is to look at our own trigger points.

Dr. Laura Markham speaks about tech, social media, emotional health, and resilience. She shares developmentally appropriate recommendations for screen time at various ages and stages, and suggestions for building resilience.

* * * Suzanne Tucker is the founder of Generation Mindful. * * *

Grounded in the science of social-emotional intelligence and positive discipline, Suzanne’s tools and tips make everyday life easier for kids and their parents. Bonus! Once you registered for the conference, you can access her Feelings Bingo for free (a value of $ 9 US). I highly recommend her Time-In Toolkit for every family, educator, teacher, and professionals working with children of all ages.

Tosha Schore is the “go-to” person when it comes to talking about boys and feelings. In this conversation, Tosha addresses why we shouldn’t tiptoe around boys and their feelings, what to do when a child doesn’t want to be comforted, and how to respond to rage. This is a great talk about the importance of listening. Bonus! When you register for the conference, click the link to the day 4 interviews, and find a free access coupon to her online course Parenting Boys Peacefully: A 10-Day Reconnect!

*** Cecilia and Jason Hilkey are the creators of Happily Family Conference. ***

In this very insightful conversation, they speak about the emotional and social life of girls. Bonus! Log in the day 5 of the conference to find conversation starters for girls 12-18 years old free download.

Jennifer Miller is the author of the blog and book Confident Parents, Confident Kids.

She is one my favorite to follow online, a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and tangible tools for a more peaceful, harmonious home. Listening to her causes my soul to dance in my body. Every. Single. Time.

PS. You can get the conference videos with closed captioning, transcripts, MP3 audio recordings, and a certificate of participation for just $97 (that’s $100 off) until Midnight Tuesday, Jan 28th.... and don't forget to enter and share the giveaway! We're all in this together...!

Click here to get this $ 100 US discount - until Midnight Tuesday, Jan. 28

*This article contains affiliate links to Happily Family Conference and the speakers' books on Affiliate links means that if your purchase any of these suggested resources through these links, I earn a small commission. This is an amazing way to support the development of this website, and playdates in our community. Thank you for being on board about mindful parenting, and contributing to make this world a better place, one family at a time!

You are AWESOME!

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