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"Positive parenting - sometimes called positive discipline, gentle guidance, or loving guidance - is simply guidance that keeps our kids on the right path, offered in a positive way that resists any temptation to be punitive. Studies show that's what helps kids learn consideration and responsibility, and makes for happier kids and parents."​

- Dr. Laura Markham, Aha! Parenting


"Give the children love, more love, still love - common sense will come by itself."

- Astrid Lindgren (Author of Pipi Longstocking)

Parenting Resources

"Suzanne Tucker is a physical therapist, parent educator and mom of four. When graduates from her positive parenting classes were asking for help connecting with their children, particularly when they were feeling stressed, she saw an opportunity to make connecting a daily, playful habit. And so, Generation Mindful was born.

Generation Mindful creates tools and toys that nurture emotional intelligence by connecting the generations playfully. Our goal is a world where all people feel powerful, safe, and connected."

Note: The direct links to Generation Mindful website are affiliate links. Your purchase through these links helps to support the development of Peace. Love. Yoga. website and financing play dates in our community.  See Generation Mindful products in Peace. Love. Yoga. Shop.

"Confident Parents, Confident Kids lays out an approach for helping parents—and the kids they love—hone their emotional intelligence so that they can make wise choices, connect and communicate well with others (even when patience wears thin), and become socially competent and confident human beings.

How do we raise a happy, confident kid? And how can we be confident that our parenting is preparing our child for success?"

- Jennifer Miller, Confident Parents, Confident Kids

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Resources for Children:

Resources for Parents:

"Cecilia Wuller Hilkey, MA, OTR, is an educator, pediatric therapist, wife and mother. Since 2006, Cecilia has conducted parent education classes, support groups, and taught preschool. Prior to teaching, Cecilia owned a private practice with her husband, Jason, working as an occupational therapist in the homes and schools of children with disabilities. Cecilia is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Harvard Family Research Project’s Family Involvement Network of Educators. She has received grants from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, California First 5, and the Awesome Foundation.

Jason Hilkey, BS, ATP, is an educator, computer technologist, father and husband. After a successful career at Walt Disney Feature Animation, he and Cecilia, his wife, started a private practice where he used technology to help children and adults to compensate for their disabilities. Their business received a grant from California First Five and was featured in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and in the Daily Breeze. As his interest for teaching grew, he joined the school in 2008 and then with Cecilia in the same classroom where they teach 3, 4, and 5 year old."​

❤︎ READY FOR MORE HAPPINESS? ❤︎ "5 Minutes to Calm for the Whole Family. 

Free worksheet shows how to create a no-fail plan based on brain science and empathy. Research proven techniques to help kids and parents handle upset feelings"

"Are you looking for that Aha! Moment to transform your child’s behavior, or maybe your own?

Whether you’re wondering how to handle a specific challenge, just figuring out your child-raising approach, or ready to tear your hair out, you’ve come to the right place."

"Families are created with the intention of love and respect. Almost every family and parent-child relationship was first conceived with this intention. However, as our families grow – our children mature, we age – we find that sometimes things go awry. Our children may be out-of-control and defiant or our spouses may be depressed and angry. Regardless of the reason, most of us confront a time in our family-life where things are just not working. This is the time we need to reach outside of ourselves to a therapist to help us re-align, re-focus and re-connect."

* * * Dr. Shefali on Oprah - SuperSoulSessions: The Awakened Self * * * 

"After consciously leaving the corporate world in 2012 when her daughter turned one, Sandra Fazio began letting go of all she thought she needed “to do” and gave permission to The Universe to “let be” what was meant for her life. Two years later, after enduring more challenges and anxiety in her new-found motherhood journey than she ever expected, Sandra was greatly inspired by Dr. Shefali’s interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday on her book The Conscious Parent and knew this was The Universe’s message for Sandra to serve her life’s calling and purpose. Sandra found her daughter was “raising her” in ways she never thought possible and was about to experience her own re-birthing and metamorphosis into motherhood to meet and embrace her daughter’s essence for all she came into this life to be, serve and teach her.

When we create connection and the required inner space for our soul to thrive, we inevitably allow what is within to come alive and grow to its fullest potential. Our children can sense this positive energy as a result and benefit from our own self-attuning and unfolding.


Sandra is a Conscious Parent / Personal / Life Coach, Author and Founder of The Conscious Parent Blog and brings an authentic, open and honest heart to each connection in her life. Her offering is to expand and deepen the conversations around conscious parenting for all parents and parent-type figures, to raise our collective self-awareness and to make this world better for our children to live and lead and for generations to come."

 “Cult hero”   “Rock star”   “Dear friend”   “Mamma to the masses”

"I am not your typical parenting expert. In fact, I challenge the whole idea that someone outside a family could possibly BE an expert about how to parent within another’s unit. I know my clients are the experts, and I help them to see that too. My work offers a new perspective on children, parenting, family life and being a healthy, happy, whole human being. By guiding, supporting and inspiring my clients to live the life they are here to enjoy‚ I encourage living with a wide open and courageous heart."

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"Every day there are stunning new insights into the human mind and the way we work, love, play, behave, relate, think and feel. We are learning more and more about what it means to be human, and how to master the art. Now more than ever, anybody who is any version of human has something to gain from the science of psychology.

This website contains the latest research and news in psychology. It attempts to bring psychology into the mainstream, unfolding the brilliance that happens within the scientific realm. We will explain what it all means and why it matters."


Some of my favorite articles:

"In a sea of self-help and parenting books, Conscious Discipline provides a proven and comprehensive approach that will improve both your life and the lives of your children. It empowers you with the self-awareness, brain information, developmental knowledge and useable skills necessary to create safe, connected, problem-solving homes.

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline is the core Conscious Discipline publication for parents. It is unique from other forms of guidance because it:

  • Defines discipline not as something you do to children, but something you develop within them.

  • Teaches new skills to the adult first and the children second, empowering you to become the mindful parent you want to be.

With Conscious Discipline, we can learn to discipline differently than we were disciplined, break the cycle of “do as I say, not as I do,” and discipline our children without permissiveness, aggression or guilt."

* A Gift of Acceptance: AWESOME free printable *

Seven Powers for Conscious Adults: The Foundation of Safety *

"Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese.

Sometimes kids (and adults) have strong feelings that can fuel challenging behaviors. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to communicate when you are in an emotional moment. Kimochis are a playful way to help children (and adults!) learn how to identify and express feelings. When kids can communicate their feelings effectively, they develop positive social skills that lead to lasting friendships and success in all aspects of life. Kimochis teach the fourth “R”—reading, writing, arithmetic, and RELATIONSHIPS. This “R” is the foundation for success in ALL areas of life."

"Kimochis products are safety tested for ages 3 and up and meet or exceed toy safety testing standards in the United States, Australia, and the European Union."

"A fun, pragmatic approach to sharing mindfulness and meditation with children and families."

"BC Parent is an independent parenting magazine in print for twenty-five years. Published six times per year, parents and caregivers have come to rely on BC Parent Newsmagazine for relevant, up-to-date information they can trust.

BC Parent goes beyond recipes and crafts to give parents the information they want on health care, education, birthing, the arts, community events and so much more. From pregnancy through teens, BC Parent Newsmagazine provides in-depth articles and information for all families."

"Okanagan Child Magazine strives to empower and inspire parents by providing a direct connection to local businesses, events and informative editorial."

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"The New Parenting Paradigm offers a unique look at the difference between the "old" parenting paradigm versus the "new" paradigm, and offers an example of how this can play out during daily family life.”

- Carrie Contey

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