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#KidsYoga Cards

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"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.” 

- J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Leelou's Favorites
Yoga Planet

"Encourage healthy habits early with activities and games that help little ones get in tune with the world around them. Through yoga poses, breathing exercises and solo, pair and group activities, Yoga Planet promotes awareness, mindfulness and sensitivity to other people and our planet. - Ages 3 and up."


Buy on

* The New York Times Best Seller * "​ A deck of 55 mindfulness games for kids that takes a playful approach to developing attention and focus, and identifying and regulating emotions - by the author of Mindful Games and The Mindful Child.

Playing games is a great way for kids to develop their focusing and attention skills and to become more mindful. This card deck helps parents, caregivers, and teachers cultivate these qualities at home or in a school setting. The games develop what Susan Kaiser Greenland calls the "new A, B, C's" for learning and for a happy and successful life: Attention, Balance, and Compassion.

In a playful way, the games introduce kids to breathing practices and techniques for developing focus, concentration, and sensory awareness, and identifying and self-regulating emotions, among other skills. They include "anchor" games that develop concentration; visualization games that encourage kindness and focus; analytical games that cultivate clear thinking; and awareness games that develop all of these qualities and give greater insight into ourselves, others, and relationships. The deck contains 55 5X7 illustrated cards, each devoted to one game or activity, and comes in a sturdy, beautifully designed box."

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"PeaceMakers help children and adults connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in daily, playful ways. Every card in the deck has an affirming message designed to nurture social and emotional skills, self-love, a growth mindset, confidence, and more in as little as five minutes a day. 


Inside each box you will find:

  • Three welcome cards: these cards will introduce you to the deck and help you get started using them in diverse settings with children ages 3 and up. 

  • Seven adult cards: this mini deck, ideal for teens, parents, educators and more, will further introduce you to the deck's seven themes. Adults working with PeaceMakers find this mini deck helps them lead and guide by example, especially in times of stress. 

  • 35 cards for all ages: simple, powerful affirming messages exploring seven themes (Power, Joy, Balance, Love, Peace, Intuition, and Forgiveness)."


Buy on Generation Mindful

Rainbow Kids Yoga ABC Cards

"Each deck contains 26 gorgeous ABC Yoga Pose Cards, including a velvet pouch.

Highly recommended for Yoga teachers, school teachers, educators and parents who are looking for new ways to connect with their children, students, and family, and share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity!"


*Nota: This card deck isn't available on You can purchase this beautiful deck that will keep little ones SUPER engaged on Rainbow Yoga Website, I am not getting any commission on this one, but it is definitely a resource worth mentioning - little yogis get SO ENGAGED, it's MAGICAL!!! That would be great if you could somehow mention that I referred you there, as they don't have any way to track referrals yet... Thanks!


Buy on Rainbow Yoga

+ 30 Fun Games to Play with the Rainbow Kids Yoga ABC Cards

Instructions for and Benefits of the ABC Poses.

Yoga Poses for Kids Cards - by Kids Yoga Stories

"Learn and practice 25 yoga poses for kids!  Mix-and-match twenty five yoga poses for kids with twenty five illustrated keywords (categories are Travel, Earth, People, and Animals).


The yogi kids are multicultural from seven different countries. Pose index and pose instructions included. Target age group: Fun for all ages. 


*Nota: This card deck wasn't currently available on when I updated this page. You can purchase printed or PDF versions on Kids Yoga Stories Website, among many other amazing card decks around seasonal kids yoga themes. I am not getting any commission on this one, but it is definitely a resource worth mentioning! The author, Giselle Shardlow, loves feedbacks - and is one AMAZING peer, so please feel free to tell her how much you love her resources... and who told you about them."  


Buy on KidsYoga Stories

Kids Yoga Stories Cards Catalogue

How to Play with Yoga Cards for Kids

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Kids Yoga Stories
Mindful Games
Rainbow ABC

Q & A


Playing with PeaceMakers takes 5 to 15 minutes per day.



PeaceMakers is ideal for families, classrooms, and groups from 2 to 25+ individuals.



Many families and classrooms make PeaceMakers a part of their daily ritual, setting at a special time to play the game each day. Seven ways to play are included in each box, along with a 5" x 7" chart summarizing the game's seven themes and the qualities each theme explores.



Children ages 3 to 9 are PeaceMakers' biggest fans, but our community has been playing PeaceMakers in diverse settings, from couples reading the affirming messages to their unborn children to adults using the cards to connect to seniors/aging parents! Apparently, the desire to connect playfully is a universal one.


PeaceMakers help children explore their thoughts and emotions in daily, playful ways, building emotional intelligence in as little as five minutes a day.

This oversized deck of colorful, affirming messages comes with

42 cards and seven ways to play. 

PeaceMakers explore the following seven themes represented by our peace-making pals Bear, Fox, Lion, Hummingbird, Dolphin, Owl, and Elephant.


The research says yes. Helping children strengthen their social-emotional skills helps them improve their focus, self control, self expression, empathy, resilience, listening, cooperation and more. How? PeaceMakers will help you affirm and encourage the behaviors and life-skills you want to see in your kids in regular, predictable and playful ways, applying the latest in brain research on how children actually learn.


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