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Peace. Love.Yoga.

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Journal, doodle, coloring, creativity, etc. printables

for Kids, Teens, Classroom, Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, Grown-Ups...

"Give the children love, more love, still love - common sense will come by itself."

- Astrid Lindgren (Pipi Longstocking)

Printables for Inner Peace

Colorings and Journal Inspiration

"Mandala Coloring:

  • is an easy & affordable way to relax your mind, body & Spirit 

  • is a great way to develop more self knowledge, inner wisdom, and creative joy 

  • is simple; you don`t need to know anything about mandalas to receive the benefits 

  • is a wonderful tool to expand your consciousness, imagination & well being 

  • integrates the scientifically proven benefits of meditation flawlessly 

  • is an internationally practised therapy to help adults & children"

"I advice you to print this eBook multiple times, so that when you work with a group of children, two children can color the same mandala coloring page at the same time. Or even better: you can let them choose first and then afterwards print the mandalas; this saves paper and is better for the environment too."

- Steven Vrancken, Artist & Musician

* Free e-Book *

"Are you looking for a fun way to motivate your child to write? Today we have a project that will entice your child to pick up a pencil to draw AND write. The super cool thing about this project is that it isn’t a one-shot writing prompt. You will find 21 days worth of doodling and writing prompts. That is three full weeks of creative fun. Plus, they are free for you to print and use."

- Christie Burnett, Editor of Childhood 101

* 21 Day Doodle Journal *

"I love the creativity that zentangles allow people to express.   It's a great form of relaxation with color.   I've become addicted to it!  The pattern detail on this one is amazing."

* Coloring Pages *

I remember as a kid and teen being always very excited about comic templates. Being creative offers an opportunity to get emotions out - and get to know your child better. Let's foster it!


"It’s time to get creative and draw up our own story with a little help of the comic book templates! Almost all kids love to make these and some of them even dream of being a comic writer when they grow up (a fun career if you ask me!)."

Kids Activities Blog

Free Comic Book Templates:

"The game is simple… print out the set of drawing challenge cards, cut them out, and give each kid a pile of cards, face down.

Now turn over the top card in your pile and draw whatever it says! So simple, but so fun!"

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