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Mindfulness, Kids Yoga & Growth Mindset
Christmas Shopping List
Wondering what to offer to kiddos who already have way too many toys? Wondering what kind of mindful gifts you'll buy? Maybe shipping presents to little ones living far away? Maybe you would love to spend Christmas money supporting a lovely cause?

I put a mindful and growth mindset Christmas presents list on Peace. Love. Yoga. online shop for you. Truly did the shopping work for months and every single book there is from my favorite authors, speakers, professionals. Related products are selected with care, with regard to positive reviews. Every item is on my wishlist and I would buy them myself, except for a few that I already own.
All affiliate links lead to Amazon, and buying through them will help me to earn a little commission, finance this website, free yoga playdates, invest in the startup of Peace. Love. Yoga., and most of all, afford urgent dental care as soon as possible, without costing you any additional fee.


Thank you for your kind support! 
Click HERE to visit Peace. Love. Yoga Shop.

Offer the gift of wellness and growth mindset
while supporting a lovely cause and startup.





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Peace. Love. Yoga. #Heroes

IndieGogo Crowdfunding Campaign  Phase  #1


$ 1010  raised so far

between 24  generous day  dreamers, peacebuilders, changemakers!

First Pay off:  May 26th, 2017


Discover who are the beautiful souls funding Peace. Love. Yoga. Project!

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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Phase #1

Warm thanks and hugs to all Peace. Love. Yoga. backers so far:

Nicholaus McCrea, Brigitte Bastien, Francine Beaudet, Valérie Jean, Micheline Robert, Marie-Eve Brière-Latin, Ashley Selwood, Sarah Setters, Jeannot Lafontaine, Manon Leduc, Jacynthe Lafontaine, Martin Gendron, Lindsey Dionne, Logan Gendron, Evan Gendron, Yann Lafontaine, Mark McCrea, Mark McElroy, Michelle Mark, Dawn Doell, Kerri Hartman + more anonymous backers! 


Thanks for being part of the change! 

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Noticed all the "celebration #PixieDust? 

* Warm thanks to Samantha for her participation to

Peace. Love. Yoga. Drawing Challenge




#PeacePedagogy, #PositiveParenting, #PixieDust

Conscious Discipline tools for school & families.





So excited to share new awesome resources discovered through Happily Family Conference! 

Sandra Fazio, Conscious Parenting Coach

Confident Parents, Confident Kids, Jennifer Miller

Kimochis, Ellen Dodge

Stay tuned for more to come!




Fighting Fair Family Pledge, Family Emotional Safety Plan, Games, + more, Jennifer Miller

The Power of Affirmations, Sandra Fazio + Affirmations Cards & Games 

Kimochis Free e-Book + more



#Peace Pedagogy, #Books4Peace, #Positive Parenting, #PixieDust

"Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese."

Discover awesome stuffies with feelings with books and

curriculum for home, early childhood and schools, and so much more!







A beautiful yoga story about friendship, happiness and acceptance, by Giselle Shardlow

Anna and her Rainbow-Colored yoga mats

(4 -7  years old)



So excited to unpack and try these goodies! 

- Rainbow Kids Yoga ABC Cards

- PeaceMarkers Cards

- Kids Yoga Stories Cards (Deck One)


Happily Family Online Conference May 4-8, 2017

The Heart & Science of Parenting

was absolutely delightful, inspiring and enlightening!


Did you miss the boat? Don't worry! Be Happy!

You can still listen to what +25 experts have to say!


The entire Conference is available for purchase and speakers notes for free!

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Totally worth a look! 


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Leelou Poppins,

Ambassador of Nutopia,

Rainbow Kids Yoga Ambassador,

Member of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education 

DoPeace, social network for peace activists.

"All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie  dust."

- J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Peace. Love.Yoga.

by Leelou Poppins

Featured video:

"This beautiful video, created by Beverly Woodworth, highlights the heart and soul of Kids for Peace. Kids for Peace is a global nonprofit dedicated to uplifting our world through love and action."

- Kids for Peace

Christmas List
Spring 2017
Featured Video
"If we are to achieve lasting peace, 
we must begin with the children."

- Gandhi

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