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Online Positive Parenting Course

This Online Course* is designed for parents who wish
to raise compassionate and self-expressed kids.


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"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.” 

- J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Positive Parenting Course

In this transformative, six-part online video class series you will:

  • Learn to discipline children free from yelling, shame, blame or pain.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your personal “triggers” and how to manage them.

  • Learn simple, effective and playful ways to connect with and redirection even the most strong-willed of children.

  • Practice setting and maintaining firm, respectful and consistent boundaries. 

  • Put an end to power struggling and sibling rivalry before it begins.

  • Practice parenting as a team, in harmony with your spouse.

  • Learn punishment free, easy to use tools to connect with and parent children of all ages.


This course is full of practical and empowering tools you will start using day one. This guided online course includes a live group session with instructor Suzanne Tucker on the last Thursday of each month at 10 AM CST (recorded and shared if you can't be there live) plus membership to our private, online parenting forum for class graduates only. 


  • Do you have a child who is often angry or aggressive?

  • Is your child very timid or super sensitive?

  • Does your child feel pressure to always perform at their best?

  • Does your child often feel nervous, anxious, sad, or depressed?

  • Do you need help understanding your child’s challenging behaviors?





  • 20+ page Downloadable Workbook

  • Six weekly 60+ min course videos, plus emails mid-week to keep you on track.

  • Two live Q & A calls, mid and end of course with instructor Suzanne Tucker.

  • A BONUS 12-point Mindful Parenting Checklist to print and hang wherever you need extra support to parent calmly, from your center.

  • FREE, lifetime access to the course videos, plus permission to share the series with one person of your choice (spouse, parents, in-laws or a child-care provider.)



“This class changed my life.” – Lindsey Reed


“My husband and I realized that everything we learned in this class is relevant to our marriage as well. So helpful.” – Mendy and Clint Koerkenmeier


“The best part for me was getting on the same page as my husband. We were coming from very different places. It is so much calmer in our house.” – Anna

“I feel MUCH more empowered to be a good mom.” – Carrie Burnett


“We were really in a rut. This was just what I needed.” – Dani


“We’ve gone from having regular battles to being best buds with our two year old.” – Cathy and Steve


“One of my favorite things about this class was hearing the questions, struggles, breakthroughs and stories shared by other parents. The feeling that I'm not alone and that we’re all in this together. You can’t get that from a book.” -Jennifer


“Suzanne just gets it on a whole other level. She is a true empath. You will leave feeling both understood and empowered.” -Andrea Rocha




Related Products

The Time-In ToolKit will give you everything you need to create a calming space for children ages 3-9+ for use in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, therapy settings and more.


Children can learn self-awareness, social awareness, self-care and social skills in much the same way they learn to read and write, through modeling. We, as adults, deserve not only effective tools, but a supportive community to grow into these tools and to do our own healing and growing, free from shame and judgement. 

Do you already own a set of PeaceMakers but you want in on the Time-In Toolkit?


When used along with PeaceMakers, the Partial Time-In ToolKit Bundle will give you everything you need to create a calming space for children ages 3-9+ for use in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, therapy settings and more.

PeaceMakers help children and adults connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in daily, playful ways. Every card in the deck has an affirming message designed to nurture social and emotional skills, self-love, a growth mindset, confidence, and more in as little as five minutes a day. 

Words to inspire you and the children you love. Display these words of inspiration as a daily reminder of the love you are. 

A statement in any room, be it your home, classroom, daycare center, therapy office, or yoga kids studio, our Manifesto is sure to bring a smile. You are love. You are quite literally made out of love. Claim that love and help future generations claim theirs, too!

Printed on archival, acid-free paper and made in America with LOVE.

MINDFUL MAKERS is a professional development program for preschools and elementary schools wanting to create a more safe and nurturing learning environment for students, even in the face of challenging behavior.

By supporting schools in replacing punishment-based discipline strategies with effective and affirming evidence-based tools, this three part program strengthens the social and emotional skills of the entire school "family".

Wishing you could dress your kids in PeaceMakers? Now you can! Invite your child to help design their very own PeaceMakers t-shirt, picking the animal pal and color shirt they like best!

Children's undies, with a different animal and color for every day of the week, coming soon along with a wider selection of adult T-Shirts.

PeaceMakers, inspiring little (and big) hearts and minds!

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