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"Yoga and mindfulness offer psychological benefits for children as well. A growing body of research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children."​

Marlynn Wei, MD, JD, Harvard Health Publications

"Our unique style of Rainbow Yoga is communal, interactive and fun! It celebrates life and brings people together! [...] In Rainbow Yoga we connect with touch, massage, hugs, dance, we move together and we co-create the class in a magical way that creates a playful space for everybody to feel loved and nurtured. [...] We practice in a circle, often connected through body and heart; we honor and celebrate the circle of life."  - Rainbow Yoga


“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation,
we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” 

- Dalai Lama

Yoga Resources for Children & Families

"Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family managed and love inspired business, run by Angel and Gopala Yaffa. It was lovingly born in 2007, with the intention of giving people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative Yoga classes for children, families, partners and communities."

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"Changing the world one smile at a time!"

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"Yoga pose how-to's, healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, the latest events

and to enhance your practice or teaching skills"

"Welcome to Kids Yoga Stories. To write the yoga books, I draw from my experience as an international teacher, a world traveler, a certified yoga teacher, and a mom to a spirited preschooler. I’ve been practicing yoga practically my whole life, and after I became a mom, I fell in love with the idea of sharing yoga with my daughter. That blossomed into Kids Yoga Stories, which share the benefits of yoga with children all over the world. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy our yoga stories for kids!"

"The ABCs of Yoga for Kids is a beautifully illustrated book that contains 56 different yoga poses, with definitions and instructions for achieving and sustaining each posture. Inside of this best-selling book you will find a fun, unique and creative method of teaching your children about various yoga positions. Have a blast making animal noises as you stretch and form different animal poses. Make it a family activity that you enjoy practicing every day. Enjoy the benefits of a more focused child who has enhanced clarity and a calmer demeanor—thanks to the benefits of daily mindfulness through yoga."

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"We are making as much as possible free on YouTube so any child with an internet connection can get the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. We have also made a series called Zen Den to encourage mindfulness in kids aged 5+. Now we also make a series of guided relaxations, called Peace Out and a Storytime series called Namastories."

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"Go Go Yoga for Kids has resources for you to introduce kids to yoga through movement, mindfulness, fun, and games. Perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone who enjoys yoga and kids."

"What sets KAY apart from similar companies is our unique approach to teaching children’s Yoga and a series of original music written and performed by the founder Haris Lender."

"You will find ideas on child developmentplay, and movement.  Some of my favorite movement ideas are my themed yoga and brain breaks, so you’ll find lots of them around here.  The brain breaks are fun gross motor movements that can be done in under a minute and you will find yoga for almost any theme you can think of.  I also give away freebies!  As a mom, I love to share some things that make my life just a little easier!"

"Radiant Child Yoga recognizes that children are naturally radiant, aware, and full of innocent wisdom. The deeper purpose of children’s yoga is to help them maintain or regain their inherent state of being. Radiant Child® empowers adults to share the magical and practical benefits of yoga with children [...]"

“Helping children experience and celebrate their true power is a gift that brings peace, kindness, ease and joy to our global family.”  

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"Next Generation Yoga encourages children to use their whole bodies, independent minds and intuitive senses as we engage and educate their entire beings. We respect and encourage the developmental and individual needs of every child. Kids use their natural energy and enthusiasm to move, play, imagine and express themselves as they explore mindfulness, body awareness, positive health and Mother Earth."

Movement and Mindfulness Resources & Training for Early Learning

“Apparently, this self regulation stuff works.  My students earned the highest math and reading scores in the school after we started using your resources.”

– Kimberly Anderson Teacher, MN

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"I am a yoga instructor, writer, coach, artist, poet and nature lover. I have been on my own path of self love and discovery which has taken years of practice and reflection. Yoga has been so much a part of that journey for me which is why I love sharing yoga with others."

"Kids Yoga Academy is a world wide professional development community and on-line resource for kids yoga instructors, educators, parents, pediatric therapists and others interested in the health and welfare of our youth. A virtual kids yoga conference available anytime, anywhere. You’ll love our Interviews with leading kids yoga instructors, in-depth training eCourses with accompanying Teaching Resources, easy to employ Lesson Plans and insightful Tutorials. Elevate your teaching effectiveness, extend your expertise and develop a thriving business to be the change you want to see in the world."

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Guided Relaxation by Cosmic Kids Yoga.

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.

It just blooms.”

- Zen Shin

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