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~ * Aloha! Salam! Shalom! Namaste! Peace!*  ~

Peace. Love. Yoga. website is all about sharing helpful resources for educators and families.

  • Discover resources to bring more peace, love, joy, and yoga into your home or classroom.

  • Look at the #PeaceCalendar for ideas on how to celebrate awareness days around the calendar. 

  • Visit the SHOP for kids yoga books and accessories, tools on how to navigate big feelings with emotional intelligence, and parenting strategies anchored in the most recent research on human development.... while supporting Peace. Love. Yoga. website and activities in our community. 


Keep posted for updates about my most recent finds and... original content coming soon!


Last Updates

January 2020
New Blog!

I have been wishing to get back to blogging for so long... It's happening! Yay!

I kept it simple for the first post, answering a simple question that I am often asked: 
How did I land at Apex?

Coming next will be my "Big Why?", about yoga and mindfulness for families. 

I can't wait to use this platform to share updates about my research, findings,

and to keep you posted about activities in our community. * So exciting! *


January 27 - 31 is the Great Kindness Challenge 2020.
Find resources for schools and families,

including some materials translated in different languages. 

December 2019


Shop: Kids Yoga Books

Most of my favorite Kids Yoga books are listed on this page, with links to Amazon.ca.

This page will be updated again soon with more titles and personalized reviews!

Shop: Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful creates educational tools and toys that nurture emotional intelligence 

via play and positive discipline, and our mission is to raise an emotionally healthy world.

Your family has the power to change the world! For everyone. Everywhere. Anytime.

Thank you for visiting!